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Welcome To The Meyers Law Firm in New York

The Meyers Law Firm is a full-service law firm for diverse New York City clientele. We represent individuals, small businesses, home buyers, renters, CO-OP boards, families, seniors, and people of all races, sexual orientations, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.

Glenn R. Meyers is the sole owner of a family-style Manhattan law firm, proudly representing his community in the Flatiron/Chelsea area. His dad is a mentor and friend, helping with real estate closings and other contractual matters.

Glenn has handled thousands of successful personal injury cases relating to automobile accidents, pedestrian knockdowns, premises liability, medical malpractice, and labor law. He helps clients through life’s ups and downs, from handling bankruptcy, divorce, and child custody to home purchases and child adoption. Most recently, he began providing estate planning and elder law services to protect families and their loved ones.

Client Testimonials

“Best attorney with whom I have worked based on results achieved.”

David B.
Rating: 5

“The best lawyer I’ve ever used & he make you feel at ease”

Anthony G.
Rating: 5

“Glenn Meyers: my man”

Evello H.
Rating: 5
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us?

A competent attorney knows how to explain legal concepts in plain language, apply it to your situation or case, and prove it in court when necessary. The Meyers Law Firm understands New York law and how to protect your rights, home, assets, and loved ones. No matter what happens – we’re there for you.

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